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Writing Essays on Leadership

Leadership is a process in which a leader influences a group of people to accomplish something. There can be different assignments and goals that require writing essays on leadership. They may be written to get a scholarship, as an application essay, a coursework, or another assignment.

What Is Leadership?

Many people confuse leadership and authority, a leader and a boss. Power comes to a leader naturally and is gained together with respect. At the same time, being a boss means to supervise the subordinates using the power of the office. Successful leader may possess the following traits:

  • Takes responsibility for himself and for others.

  • Motivates and inspires people to work for a common goal.

  • Has excellent communication skills.

  • Possesses profound knowledge.

  • Works effectively and accepts criticism from other team members.

  • Is open to new knowledge and experience.

  • Manifests positive attitude and is able to deal with problems.

  • Helps other members of the team overcome difficulties and stay positive.

  • Has high self-esteem, integrity, and moral values.

Some people are born great leaders, but others have to develop this skill.

Your Own Leadership Experience

Telling in your essay about your own leadership experience will give you an opportunity to prove that you understand the concept of leadership not only theoretically, but also practically. It will demonstrate that in the future you plan to be responsible for yourself and for others. This information can be very useful, especially in application or scholarship essays on leadership. You may have demonstrated the leadership skills in your life when you:

  • led your team to achievements, solved conflicts in the group, and motivated the members to work together to complete the task;

  • introduced new ideas, convinced others that they would work, helped people implement these ideas, and removed the obstacles that were in the way;

  • improved the situation, solved problems, corrected old ways of doing things, and introduced new ones.

Analyze why you started acting like a leader, how it made you feel, and what motivated you. The important information is what obstacles you had to face during your leadership experience and how you managed to overcome them. And finally, which lessons you have learned and how they influenced your life. You may tell about your future plans if it contributes to answering the essay question.

Creating an Essay on Leadership

When writing essays on leadership you have to go through these steps:

  • Research the topic of leadership. Find appropriate articles, books, and websites. Search for reliable sources and read works written by experts.

  • Create a plan for your essay.

  • Outline an introduction paragraph. In the beginning, you may provide the background information on your topic. Add something to intrigue the reader to proceed to the main body of the essay. In the end of the introduction, you should write the thesis sentence that will explain what question you are going to answer, how you are going to answer it, and which conclusion you are coming to in this paper. It’s better to write this paragraph when the essay is complete.

  • Write the main body paragraphs, keeping in mind that all your statements should be backed up with citations of reliable sources or argumentation. When needed, you can describe your personal leadership experience.

  • Complete a strong conclusion, summarizing the idea which you have proved or explained in the essay.

  • Revise, edit, and proofread your work.

Essays are time-consuming assignments, which require a lot of work. We will be glad to help you with your essays on leadership. Contact us, and we will answer your questions.

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