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Writing an Essay on the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is well-known as one of the most prominent events in the US history of the XXth century. It has had an impact on the lives of thousands of Americans because the relatives of many people had to take part in the military actions. The Vietnam War began in 1955 and lasted for 20 years, taking away the lives of a great number of American soldiers and leaving an even greater number with physical or mental traumas. If you find yourself faced with the task of composing an essay on the Vietnam War, you are bound to find this article helpful.

The Vietnam War: general information

The Vietnam War was, in a nutshell, a conflict between the pro-communist forces in North Vietnam and the United States of America. The former were receiving help from the PRC and were determined to unite North and South Vietnam under the communist regime, while the US government wanted to keep the communist rule from spreading throughout the world at all costs. As a result, the war broke out shortly after the division of Vietnam into two parts and the pronouncement of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, which immediately gained support from the PRC and the USSR. The remaining territory was proclaimed the State of Vietnam, and it found its allies in the USA, France, and Great Britain.

The armed conflict was an issue that called for heated debates in the American society at that time. President Kennedy presented the warfare as a necessary measure, which he, being a responsible leader, could not help but undertake. However, the Vietnam War was declared as pointless and unnecessary for the United States by a great number of experts, because they could not see the US coming out of it victorious. This controversy led to the American population taking sides, and anti-war manifestations became more and more common after the first decade of the conflict.

The Vietnam War: reasons

The war between the South and North Korea was taken to a much larger scale by the decision of the US government to support the former. The decision was driven by two powerful factors:

  • The United States was determined to prevent the communist regime from expansion.

  • The US policy towards foreign affairs prompted the American government to help their allies should that be needed.

The Vietnam War: consequences

Since the war was one of the most meaningful events in the 2nd half of the XXth century, it is hardly possible to define all the cause-effect relationships in its aftermath. Nevertheless, it is possible to claim that the gravest consequence of the war was the shift in the public opinion regarding the US foreign policy. It was a gradual process which lasted almost as long as the war itself. The fact that the United States entered Vietnam as a powerful country determined to bring justice to the conflict but was unable to do that made thousands of Americans find themselves lacking faith in their traditional ideas and values.

This change was promoted by the mass media, some of which openly criticized the US policy and called for the ceasefire. The Vietnam War was heavily criticized by many journalists, political experts, and historians, which lowered the morale of not only the American population but also the troops stationed in Vietnam. It was stated that with the help of the television the common Americans could experience the horrible war scenes on their couches and that it was there that the war was lost, not on the battlefield.

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