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Writing a Research Paper

Sooner or later every student gets the task of writing a research paper. Students often become anxious about such assignments, just because they are lacking the experience in this genre of writing. You can start off by getting the help from the custom research paper writing service to see how the professional writers can approach your assignment. However, you should be able to write a research paper yourself as well since it is an essential part of the academic process.

In this short guide, you will learn some of the stages of research paper writing. The following list may appear to be too simple, but it works well as an overall framework.

Determine the Topic of Your Research

  • Find a topic that really interests you.

  • Try to work out your approach to the topic.

  • Consider your topic as an issue that needs to be solved.

Find the Proper Sources

You should focus on the following kinds of sources:

  • Library catalogs, bibliographies, periodical indexes, or other suggestions from your tutor.

  • Primary sources over the secondary ones.

  • Books, periodicals, and other documents.

Organizing and Documenting Information

You should organize the information you find using a proper structure. The following recommendations will help you stay organized:

  • Note your sources on bibliography cards.

  • Organize the information according to its relative importance.

  • Take notes.

Write an Outline for Yourself

Start by considering the following questions:

  • What is the topic?

  • What makes it significant?

  • What is the most relevant background material?

  • How should I formulate my thesis or the statement of purpose?

  • How should I develop my organizational plan to support my purpose in the best way?

The Introduction

The introduction should include:

  • The presentation of the relevant background and contextual material.

  • Definition of terms and concepts, if necessary.

  • Explanation of your purpose and the focus of the research.

  • An overview of the basic points of your paper.

The Body

  • You should use your outline as a guide.

  • Build your paper around the basic points you want to make, not according to the sources you have found.

  • Make citations and interpret your sources.

  • Explain, analyze, evaluate, and summarize the information from other sources rather than simply state it.

  • It is a useful scheme to move from generalized statements to various levels of detail and then back to generalization.

The Conclusion

  • If your main argument is complex, you should summarize it for your reader.

  • Highlight the significance of your findings.

  • Make your considerations flow logically from a detailed to a general level, which refers to the context provided in the introduction.

  • You may also indicate which aspects of your topic need further research.

Revise the Final Draft

  • Check the overall structure. The introduction should be consistent and logical, the discussion in the body should be coherent and deep, and the conclusion should be effective and persuasive.

  • Consider the paragraphs. You should check the sequence of ideas within the paragraphs and topic sentences, the use of details and evidence to support your points, the quality of your summary sentences, and the use of transitions.

  • Consider the sentences. Check the sentence structure, the choice of words, punctuation, and spelling.

  • Documentation. Make sure you have properly organized your citations, appropriately used the endnotes or footnotes and accurately listed all the cited works.

If you have any doubts about your writing skills, remember that you can always seek help from the custom research paper writing service. Then, you can use all the knowledge you have obtained and all the skills you have developed to achieve excellence in your further research writing!

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