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Why I Want to Go to College: Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay on why I want to go to college is not as easy thing as it may seem. You want the reader, probably an admission committee member if this is an application essay, or anybody else to be satisfied with your essay. The answer “to get a well-paid job” is obviously not enough. Let’s look at what you may consider while working on this essay, we will talk about the case when the question of the essay is not about any particular college, but about your plans in life in general.

What about you?

You want the essay to sound interesting and by no means to be standard. It should contain a story about you, which is new to the person who will be reading your work. The reader will be deriving some conclusions about your personality from your essay. Decide beforehand what thoughts you would like to convey about yourself. They may include:

  • Your plans for the future profession. If you already have had some practice in the area that inspires you and you want to study it in college, and to work with it, the you should definitely write about it.

  • Your ability to make plans and achieve your goals.

  • Your integrity and right priorities in life. (If you are writing about planning your future college experience, do not concentrate too much on describing how you admire after-school activities, the main concern should be your classes and studying).

  • Communication and leadership skills, and your ability to work with a group of people. Remember, that every college needs friendly students, who get along well with others.

  • Your creativity, sense of humor, and ability to think outside the box.

You may not use it all in your essay but think about the opposites of these points. You surely don’t want to give your reader an impression of yourself as a poor-motivated person, who doesn’t know what to do with his life, thinks ordinary and writes in cliché.

Choose a story from your life that is closely related to your motivation of entering a college and shows some of your positive character traits listed above, and use it for your essay on why I want to go to college.

Why enter a college?

There are more than just a few advantages of going to college, let us name some of them:

  • Possibility to become a qualified specialist and get a job that you want;

  • Make a new start in life, move to a new area, maybe to a different country;

  • Learn more in the field that is interesting to you;

  • Continue to grow and mature, get respect and confidence;

  • Achieve independence in life;

  • Get involved in students’ life and activities, find friends with similar interests as you have.

Many people recall their college years as one of the best times of their lives. Use some of the thoughts written above in your essay, you may add your personal reasons why you are going to college to this list.

Completing the essay

Writing the essay, consider these simple rules:

  • Telling your story, be specific, write names and other details, your feelings and thoughts.

  • Avoid speaking directly about your character traits, your story should imply them, not tell right away.

  • Write a creative essay, make it unique, and avoid standard patterns.

  • Don’t make your essay too long. The reader will probably have a pile of other papers to go through and will not be glad to spend too much time reading yours.

  • Proofread your text eliminating spelling and punctuation mistakes. Ask your parent, teacher or someone reliable to proofread it as well.

You can always consider using online writing services. We can help you to compose an essay on why I want to go to college. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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