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Tips for Writing Argumentative Essays

1. Planning Your Essay

In order to succeed in argumentative essay writing, you should make sure your essay includes the elements that will convince the readers to see things from your perspective. It usually a good idea to spend some time planning your argument essay and become prepared before you jump into the writing process.

- Find an Interesting Topic

You should start with considering several issues and choosing the ones that trigger two conflicting points of view or two substantially different conclusions. Then, you should look through the list of topics and select the one the interests you the most.

However, being interested in a topic is not enough to create a solid argument. You should take into account for which positions you will be able to provide the rationale and evidence. Having a strong belief is one thing, but in an argumentative essay, you will have to substantiate your opinion.

As you assess the topics this way, think of the points you could use to support or oppose the issue.

- Consider Different Aspects of Your Topic and Determine Your Position

After you have selected a topic you feel confident about, you should write down a list of points supporting both sides of the argument and determine your position. The format of an argumentative essay supposes that you introduce both sides of your topic and assess each of them. At the end, you should logically come to the conclusion that your side is the best one.

- Collect Your Evidence

The act of arguing in the argumentative essay involves the ability to provide enough proof to substantiate your claim. It should not be too emotional, but rather a logical and concise explanation of why a certain position is the right one.

2. Writing Your Essay

By completing the previous stage, you have created a strong foundation for yourself. Now you can confidently start crafting your essay. The structure of an argumentative essay is similar to the general essay structure. It consists of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

- Introduce Your Topic and State Your Opinion

The introductory paragraph of your argumentative essay should state a concise explanation of your topic, provide certain background information, and formulate a thesis statement. Here you will announce your position regarding a controversial topic by using the thesis statement.

- Introduce Both Sides

The body of your essay should contain the basic part of your argument. This is where you should present the controversial points and immerse into the details of the both sides of your issue. After describing the strongest points of your counter position, you will proceed to your own point of view. It is crucially important to present the evidence that will leave no doubts that your position is the right one.   

You should choose your strongest evidence and proofs and present your points gradually in the most persuasive manner. You should use different types of evidence, from specific examples and statistics, to other research and anecdotal stories. The length of this part may vary according to your topic and whether or not you have a word limit.

In your conclusion, you should restate your position and remind a reader of how you have proved it. Eventually, your point of view should appear in your concluding paragraphs as the most sensible and reasonable one.

3. General Recommendations for Your Essay:

  • Avoid using emotional language. Arguments that are too emotional tend to sound irrational.

  • Make logical conclusions rather than stating an emotional point of view.

  • Use only the most reliable sources to support your evidence and do not distort the facts in your favor.

  • Organize your citations properly.

  • Make an outline of your essay.

  • Remember your strongest arguments for both sides and be ready to defend your side, if your tutor decides to challenge you.

These tips are called to help you in the process of argumentative essay writing. But theory should always be accompanied by practice. If you try to make each of your further essays better than the previous one, you will soon achieve excellence in fulfilling this type of written assignments.

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