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The Five-Paragraph Essay Structure

A five-paragraph structure is a traditional format of the academic essays. The formats may vary, of course, but this model will be very useful to remember and refer to, especially at the beginning of your way to the writing excellence. The following material will familiarize you with this structure and give you certain recommendations on how to deal with each of the sections.

However, many students wish to make the essay writing process easier and tend to search for affordable essay writing services. There are plenty of them on the web, and if you choose the right company, they can provide you with quality service. It is also a great way to get a good example of an excellent paper, thus saving your precious time. Still, there is nothing more effective than practicing the essay writing skills yourself. This article will give you some theory, and it’s your choice whether to use it in your further studies or not.

Section 1: Introductory Paragraph

One of the aims of the introductory paragraph is to make your reader interested in your essay. This part should, first of all, state your thesis statement, which is a mini-outline of the entire paper. A thesis explains to the readers in brief what they will learn from your essay. It is also useful to include a special transitional “hook” at the end of this part, which will logically lead the reader to the body of your paper.

Section 2: Body

The First Paragraph:

You should make the first paragraph of the body the strongest one. It should present the most powerful argument, most substantial example, and smartest illustration. Make sure to link the first sentence of this paragraph to the introductory paragraph using a so-called “reverse hook,” which addresses the transitional hook used in the introduction. The very first or second sentence of the body should introduce the topic of this paragraph. Make sure the topic is consistent with your thesis. At the end, you should provide a smooth transition to the next paragraph of the body.    

The Second Paragraph:

As you can already guess, the second paragraph should present the second solid argument, second substantial example, and the second smartest illustration. The first sentence should again be linked to the hook in the first paragraph of the body. It provides the overall smooth flow of your text. Place the topic for this paragraph in the very beginning. Just like in the previous paragraph, the topic should refer to your main thesis stated in the introductory paragraph. Again, the last sentence should include a transitional hook to provide the connection to the third paragraph of the body.

The Third Paragraph:

As you have probably figured out from the previous sequence of sections, the third paragraph may use the weakest argument, supported by the least substantial example, and not the most incredible illustration. The first two paragraphs are supposed to make you persuasive enough, so at the end, you may introduce the points that can probably be argued. The topic of the paragraph should still be present at the beginning and should be consistent with your thesis in the introduction. Furthermore, it is crucial to provide a transitional statement that will lead a reader to the concluding paragraph.

Section 3: Conclusion:

There are a number of tasks to be fulfilled by a concluding paragraph:

  1. It should properly address the introductory paragraph.

  2. It should restate the thesis without duplicating it.

  3. A conclusion should summarize the three basic points from the body of your essay.

  4. A conclusion should end with the final statement that demonstrates that the discussion has finished here. In order to make your paper even more persuasive, you can make your final statement in the form of the “call to action.”

These are the brief recommendations that can help you at the beginning of your academic path. When you achieve a more advanced level in your writing skills, you will probably need more sophisticated guidelines to make further progress. Anyway, you should never be afraid of the written assignments. After all, there is always an affordable essay writing service you can use to get help with any task that you don’t feel confident about.

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