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Terms & Conditions

Every time you use our website, you claim that you obey all our terms and conditions listed below. Do not use the texts and materials of this site if you do not obey our rules.

You have to be of such age in which you are eligible to use our products and purchase our services. You state that there is no legal issues concerning your age that will not allow you to purchase our products.

By making an order or by making a payment to us, you state that you have read completely, understand and accept in full the list of our terms and conditions, that you are legally ruled by these conditions and terms and they serve as an agreement established between you and this site.


On this page:

“Website” means our site

“You”, “Customer” or “Yours” refer to our customer, you or the person that makes an Order for You.

“We”, “Company” or “Our” refer to the owner of this website.

“Product” refers to the paper that we create for You, according to Your order. This can be an original essay, coursework or other written document.

“Order” means our standard electronic order form filled in and submitted to us. This order form can be found on our website, in it our customers specify the requirements of the paper work they want us to create.

Our services

The Product that You purchase from our company or otherwise receive on Your Order can be used only for personal, educational, non-commercial purposes. Freelance writers, who create these paper works for us, transfer all copyrights of the Products to the Company.

Before submitting an Order to the Website or performing any payment to the Website, the Customer has to read the “Terms and Conditions” page, the Customer must accept all the rules and then use the Website.


We provide refunds up to 100% of the price, but only in the cases, listed in our “Money Back Guarantee” page. Please, study that section for additional information on refunding.

Notice, that if You are in the EU and You paid VAT during money transactions, the VAT cannot be refunded You. We refund our clients only the price that we charge or its percent. We cannot refund VAT to You.

Copyright and personal use

The Product that You receive from the Website is an original work and full copyright to it belongs to the Company, its partners or affiliates.

You can use any material that You receive from the Website only for non-commercial, personal purposes. You cannot display, distribute, publish or transmit the Product, the Website content or its derivative works without receiving prior written permission from the Company. You shall hold the Company free from any unauthorized use of its materials, therefore, You should never cause this happen. If any of the Products, the Website content or their derivatives appear to be used by You publicly without the Company’s written permission, You may become subject to legal penalties: civil or criminal.

No plagiarism

Using this Website, You are not permitted to order editing or proofreading of any text if it was plagiarized and was sent to the Website as Your original work. The Company has the right to cancel our arrangement, agreement or contract should such plagiarism be found. You also are not allowed to pass the Product to third parties, You may not distribute it for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. If the Company suspects such actions or discovers that the Product is used in such a way, the Company reserves the right to cancel any services for such Customer and subject the Customer to criminal or civil penalties.

You cannot use the Product as Your original work and sign Your name on it. The Website provides all the materials only to be used as an example, reference and research. We do not participate in fraud, plagiarism or dishonesty of any kind. We strictly obey copyright laws and encourage our clients to obey these rules. You agree that the material sent to You will be used only as an example and reference for Your further research. Any part of the Product, other materials that You may have received from the Website or ideas that You borrow from our materials or Products should be cited with the link to the source or the name of the Website.

The Company, its partners, and affiliates are not responsible for any illegal, wrongful, inappropriate or unethical use of any Product or material received from us. We are not liable for any issues including lawsuits, expulsion, plagiarism, poor grading, loss of grants, academic probation, positions, prizes, awards, titles, scholarships, or any other legal or disciplinary penalties arising from the unethical, improper or illegal use of our materials. The Customer alone will be responsible if these issues occur.

We produce texts with plagiarism level below 10%. If in the text You ordered from us plagiarism level is higher than 10%, You can apply for a refund or revision. Bibliographical references in the text and in the bibliography page, idioms, connectors and frequently used phrases should not be included in the process of calculation of the plagiarism level. See our “Money Back Guarantee” and “Revision Policy” pages for the additional information on the possible refunding.

Our guarantees

We guarantee that level of the plagiarism in the Product is lower than 10%, calculated without bibliographical references and frequently used phrases. We guarantee that the Product You order will be created professionally, according to Your instructions and format requirements, that we will perform all the research that the work requires and compose the paper according to the standard formal English style.

What we don’t guarantee are the grades that You get, and if You get a low grade in any discipline or test You cannot ask for a refund.

Order placement

To send us an Order or inquiry, You fill in the form online, providing the necessary information. All the information You write in the form will be kept strictly to the Website and will never be delivered to the third parties. Read our “Privacy Policy” page to receive more information related to this.

Your email will be saved to send You all necessary notifications, questions, clarifications of the issues, reports on the stages of the order completion and unread messages. We also may send to Your phone number and email the updates about our discounts, special prices, etc.

After You fill in the form, we calculate the price using the information on Your requirements on the work, deadline and the academic level that You need. After You perform the payment, we will start the countdown of the time.

Fees and payment

All our available services and charges for them You can find on the Website. If You are in the EU, You will pay VAT in the process of money transaction, but notice, that we do not include VAT in the calculation of our prices, You pay VAT separately from our price and we cannot refund You VAT if a refund is approved.

If You require an unusual service from us, and it doesn’t fall under our classification listed on the Website, we will calculate our charge individually for Your type of Order. The same is true if You wish a complete document to be amended in a way that is not listed among our services.

We encourage You to submit the payment in advance so that we can be sure that the writer we choose for Your work will get paid. In case if we could not find an author for Your paper work, or if we cannot complete the work, the price will be refunded to You. See our “Money Back Guarantee” page for more information on refunding.

Delivery of completed product

When the work on Your order is done, we send a preview version of the document to Your personal account on the Website. In case You accept the results, You can press “Approve” and the downloadable variant of the document will become available.

After pressing “Approve”, You cannot ask for any refund, but You may, within 7 days, ask for our free-of-charge revision of the document. See our “Revision” page for more information on revision services that are available.

In case we fail to complete the Product within the established deadline, but are sending the complete Product to You later, we will return to You the difference in prices. Our “Money Back Guarantee” section contains additional information on refunding.

The Company is not liable if any malfunction occurs in the internet services, which our clients use. Any delivery delay that happens because of this malfunction is not our responsibility.

When the preview of the Product appears on Your personal page, You have to check it in seven days to approve it. If You don't send any feedback within seven days, the paper will be automatically approved.

Free revision guarantee

The Customer can apply for a free revision, but only on certain conditions listed in our “Revision Policy”. Please, read that page for additional information.

Privacy and security

Please, study our “Privacy Policy” section to get information on how we store and use our Customer’s personal data, which has been delivered to us.

The “Order placement” paragraph of this document tells about what messages may be sent to Your email and phone number. If You would like to specify the notifications You get on Your phone and on email, contact us and specify Your messages. We will react immediately and stop sending You unwanted notifications.


When You submit an Order You must understand and accept all our terms and conditions of using the Website. Also, You must agree with the following statements:

All the texts and ideas that You borrow from the Product must be cited.

This site provides the materials only for the use of example, reference, and research. You may learn from it how the citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, and others should be properly written. You agree that any material sent to You will be used according to our rules.

The Product that You receive from the Website is an original work of our freelance writers, they transferred full copyright to the Company, its partners or affiliates.

You understand that the Website is charging payment for the effort and time that is used for finding, organizing, editing, and delivering the materials, and also for the administration, maintenance, and promotion of the Website, so that people could access it for educational purposes.

You may only produce a reasonable number of copies of the Product, and only for Your personal use. You may not sell the Product and the materials that go with it to the third party, or use them commercially. Do not distribute, publish, reproduce, create derivatives or display the Product and the Website content without prior written permission of the Company.

All the delivered Products should be destroyed immediately when You don’t need them anymore. Don’t deliver the copies of the Product to other people. No parts of any Product shall be used without giving proper citation.

Limitation of liability

By using the Website, You state that the Company and its officers, subsidiaries, shareholders, representatives, affiliates, agents, employees, directors, legal advisers, promotion, advertising and fulfillment agencies, and third-party sources of information are free from any claims, rights, damages, losses and any issues concerning the Product. These situations comprise, but are not limited to following cases:

  1. Internet or network, computer, its hardware or software, email, electronic or telephone failures or malfunctions of any kind;

  2. garbled, delayed, incomplete or failed computer transmissions;

  3. conditions that may result in the Product being disrupted, corrupted or delayed, that were caused by events which the Company cannot control;

  4. any losses, damages, or injuries arising as consequences of or together with using Our services;

  5. errors in the Product or the additional materials, which are typographical or occur while printing;

  6. any lawsuit, demand or claim, made by a third party which is caused by Your use of Our services, violation of these or other rules, or any other act (attorney's fees are not in our responsibility either).

The Company will not be liable by no means for any incidental, intentional, direct or indirect damages or harm that may occur related to the use of the Website or its information, or the consequences of using it. The above-stated limitation may not give You same protection because there are jurisdictions which do not provide the restrictions of liability for the damages that are incidental or consequential.

Remember, that the Website’s terms and conditions may anytime be changed. We would recommend the Customer to consult this section before You order out services to make sure You accept all our terms of use.