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Technical proposal writing

Generally, a technical proposal needs to be created when a person or an organization is trying to obtain the right to have their idea developed and presented to the world by some other organization. The information below is aimed at making the concept of technical proposal writing more understandable for anyone faced with that rather complicated task.

What to mention?

The structure of a technical proposal may vary depending on many factors, but there are some general requirements for this document that you’ll have to take into account. First of all, you have to identify the problem that could be solved by implementing your idea. Describe not only the essence of the problem but also give a brief description of your solution and state the reasons why it is better than other possible solutions.

Secondly, it is also important to give enough details about the workflow so that the person reading the proposal can understand exactly what steps have to be undertaken to achieve the desired result. The result can be presented as an aggregation of objectives or as a single statement.

Thirdly, you will also have to define for how long your project will last and set approximate deadlines for each of its separate stages. Don’t forget about the estimated costs of your project as they will obviously have to be considered by the receiver of your proposal.

Another important issue is the amount of resources required to work on your project. This includes not only technical and financial but also human resources. Describe what you are going to need and for which purposes. You can also add some details about a team that you would like to be created for your project or an existent team that you would prefer to cooperate with.

Last but not least, you might want to add a section devoted to the environmental impact of your project. If you reckon that some environmental hazards could occur as a consequence of your project, try to come up with some solutions to avoid the negative impact or at least minimize it.  

Increasing the efficiency of your technical proposal

The following tips will help you make your technical proposal convincing and distinguishable from the work of others (if you’re facing a competition):

  • Remember that you may have to present your project in front of people who are not as qualified in the subject as you are. To avoid misunderstandings and convey your thoughts effectively, avoid using complicated technical terms and break complex ideas into several chunks which would be easier to perceive and understand. However, be careful with the simplification as too much of it may be considered inappropriate.

  • Mention every possible benefit of your project. You do have to inform the recipients of your proposal about the drawbacks, but try to present the entire project in such a way that the positive sides contrast with the negative ones and outweigh them.

  • Pay attention to the language you are using: try to express yourself with short and coherent phrases that catch the attention. But, don’t forget that you are composing a formal document, so don’t get too relaxed about your choice of words.

  • Draft a plan of your technical proposal at the very beginning so that you can rely on it later while structuring the document. You can add some corrections if necessary, but overall, try to stick to the original idea while developing the structure.

If you still find the prospect of technical proposal writing too intimidating, feel free to contact us and delegate your task to our team of experienced writers who will promptly produce a high-quality document for you.

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