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Business Admission Essay

I Owe It to My Dad

My dad is a born leader and I think I take the leadership attributes after him. Although he raised my brother and me in great poverty, he is not the kind of person who accepts defeat and so he taught me to be the same when I was faced with unrelenting survival challenges. I went through extreme ups and downs that I believe were tough enough to make me quit. But I did not. My dad was always by my side to support me emotionally because he was not educated enough to support me academically. Having been brought up in the rural areas under extreme survival circumstances, I learned to become a social person to survive with the little help I could get from friends.  

In my entire academic journey, I have been a student leader at every stage. Besides the benefits that come with it, leadership is fun, and I feel more comfortable as a leader. Hardly did I know that it would become my lifetime career because in my society, being a student leader had always been underappreciated. I almost proved it true because I was usually not the best in class. My dad, however, gave me a word of encouragement. He saw something completely different. He saw a leader and a great person in me. He always told me stories of people who rose from the worst poverty and circumstance, through persistent struggles, and they made it in life. He made me love being a student leader at school. Eventually, the whole idea influenced my subject preferences and shaped my new direction towards taking business-related subjects. Apart from having a passion for becoming my own boss, I knew I wanted to become a leader.

Having witnessed my dad turning his challenges into opportunities, I wished to break the misconceptions that being a student leader can interfere with someone’s studies. Unfazed with other people’s opinions, I embraced the two: studies and leadership. I managed my time so well that I became the best in academics and campus leadership at the same time. I quickly won the admiration of many, including my peers, friends, supervisors and other leaders in the society. I received an invitation to work in a security firm in town. I seized the opportunity and worked as a part-time employee at first and became a full-time worker after my master’s program.

At some point, the company was stuck on developing strategies that could improve its reputation and expand it to various parts of the country. I was one of the committee members assigned the responsibility to solve the challenge. I participated with passion to develop the most cost-effective mechanism to improve the company's reputation. I designed the most appropriate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model for the company, which eventually solved the company’s problem.

I designed a model that proved the company’s concerns for the society, especially in security matters. It was applied through simple actions, such as welcoming people for tree planting activities and providing a suggestion box at the main gate of the company so that the concerned parties could drop their suggestions. While planting trees, the company staff members discussed with the participants the security concerns and their suggestions on how to solve the problems. I personally participated in all the activities and I was positive that the outcome would be tremendous.

The company also supported youth football teams and other sports by providing uniforms with the company logo free of charge. It offered simple awards such as a football for every player to encourage them to participate. Furthermore, the company formed a football team and it would invite other teams for a friendly match every weekend. After six months, the outcomes of our activities were tremendously great, going far beyond everyone’s expectations. The company started receiving invitations to offer security to various firms in and out of town. The management was so pleased that they could not appreciate me enough.

The company was left with one challenge of taking its operations to regional and international levels. Again, I was engaged to try and solve the issue. However, it became more challenging to get the company operating beyond the local level. It has taken me so much time thinking, trying various mechanisms, but nothing seemed to work. I have opted to upgrade my education by enrolling in an MBA program at Harvard University. I believe the Harvard MBA degree will help me solve the company’s challenge of expanding globally and satisfy my leadership passion. I chose this institution because of its reputation for nurturing world inventors and leaders, and I want to be nurtured too. My dad’s words that I should always work towards creating solutions to problems have also motivated me to go for an MBA degree because he taught me to become a solution finder. My profession is a hobby turned into a career and I owe it to my dad for seeing it early enough and nurturing it to come this far.

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