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Revision policy

We are proud to provide you with superior quality academic services. If you feel that your paper does not meet all your requirements, we will eagerly revise it. Your paper can be revised three times without additional payments according to the following terms:

Instructions. Your instructions for revision should stay in line with the instructions you have given at the beginning. However, your revision request may be rejected if our Quality Assurance Department concludes that your initial requirements are fulfilled.

Submission. Use the “Send for revision” button to submit the request for revision. The button can be found on your personal page. You should use this option before you approve the paper. You can still have your paper revised within 7 days after your approval if you contact our Customer Support.

Deadline. You have a right to request up to 3 free revisions before you approve the paper. Do not press the “Approve” button once you receive the document, but rather look through it carefully in the preview mode. If the text in the document is not clearly visible, you should ask our Customer Support to offer you another preview. If you have approved your order, but then decided to ask for a revision, you can do so during 7 days from the moment of your approval. If your paper exceeds 20 pages, you can have a free revision during 14 days from your approval.

A number of revisions. You can have 3 revisions of your paper for free according to the conditions stated above.

In case your revision request does not correspond to the listed requirements, or if you want more than 3 revisions, your request should be placed as a new order for editing or proofreading. This order should be accompanied by the clear instructions regarding the necessary changes to the paper.  

If you approved your order by mistake but want to ask for a revision, you should make a respective request during 7 days once you pressed the “Approve” button. You should direct your revision request to our Customer Support. In case more than 7 days have passed, you cannot request a free revision, but only submit a new order for proofreading or editing.

Be informed that you can approve the revised document within 14 days. Time for your approval is calculated from the date the last version of your paper was uploaded to your personal page. After 14 days from this moment, your paper is considered approved by default.