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PhD Thesis Writing Service

PhD thesis for an academic is what epos is for a poet

Writing up a PhD dissertation – also called PhD thesis – often takes place in a turmoil of the last several months of your graduate study, after several years of hard work. As a body of work, PhD thesis universally exemplifies a comprehensive compendium of the original research carried out by a graduate student to fulfill the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 

A PhD thesis should demonstrate original critical thinking by the PhD candidate and make a significant contribution to the pool of knowledge in the candidate's discipline. A successful dissertation also proves a graduate student's research competence in his or her field. Analysis and suggested new concepts build the heart of a PhD thesis. Each statement in a dissertation must be defensible in a logical sense. Each inference must follow a scientific method. 

Typical volume and structure of a PhD thesis

A PhD thesis in a STEM discipline usually has a maximum word requirement of 40,000 words, while in disciplines like Arts and Social Sciences you are expected to deliver up to 80,000 words. A PhD thesis length can be formally non-restricted, but you always should consult with your scientific supervisor.

The structure of a PhD thesis always reflects the following guidelines:


  1. Introduction. Set the scene by stating the scientific problem you chose to tackle. Describe the structure of the dissertation, state contributions.
  2. Background.  Describe wider interest to your area of research. Provide your motivation to tackle the problem. Formulate your hypothesis.
  3. Related body of work. Critically assess accumulated knowledge in your research area. How existing body of knowledge relates to your work.
  4. Analysis.
  5. Interpretation of results.
  6. Implementation area.
  7. Critical assessment of your contribution. Demonstrate thoroughness and precision of your findings, and compare your results with those of the closest peers.
  8. Further work.
  9. Summary.
  10. Appendix.
  11. Bibliography.

You shape your tools and then your tools shape your PhD thesis

To cope with the sheer volume of work required for delivering a PhD dissertation, you must not only put it on top of your mind but also re-arrange your physical environment. We recommend that you introduce a physical filing system: purchase several folders and mark them with chapter numbers. Your folders will contain finished pages with text, summaries of results, as well all kinds of notes and references, which may strike relevant to a specific chapter. Arrange your folders in a visually logical manner. As you complete pieces of text, charts, and figures, place the hard copies into corresponding folders as well.

Why seek assistance from PhD thesis writing services?

If you are compiling your PhD thesis, chances are you know your subject inside out, you were living and breathing it throughout your time at the graduate school – why otherwise would you strive for a PhD? But in the frenzy of events, you most probably feel the deficit of time to actually write up your PhD thesis, put it in a coherent, readable form. Using custom PhD thesis writing services offers many advantages that can help you complete this phase of your academic life. 

Among the numerous PhD thesis writing services, selecting the best one is not a trivial task. We have over X PhD level academic writers who will help you complete your PhD thesis while granting you the luxury to focus on your final thesis presentation. One of the key principles of our work is keeping the line of communication permanently open between a client and a dedicated writer. Before submitting the final version, our writer will prepare several drafts that you can review with your scientific supervisor. By doing so, we empower the client to steer the writer's efforts and tackle, step-by-step, the details of every chapter. 

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