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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee is our policy of refunding. This policy consists of two parts, which describe correspondingly the refunding options you have before and after you approve the paper.

Notice, that if you are in the EU and you paid VAT during money transactions, the VAT you paid cannot be refunded you. We return to our clients only the price stated on the site or its percent. We cannot refund VAT to you.

Before you approve the paper

We will refund you 100% of the price if:

  • The payment was made by mistake.

  • We could not find a writer for you.

  • Your order wasn’t sent to you before the established deadline, and you refuse to receive it afterward. In this case, the paper will not be sent to you. All the texts remain in our property, so you cannot use any materials that you may have received as a part of this order (if it is not a revision order).

We will refund you 70% of the price if less than a half of the time before the deadline have passed and the writer was assigned to your order, but you inform us that you do not want to receive the text.

We will refund you 50% of the price if:

  • More than a half of the time before the deadline has passed, the writer is working on your order, but you notify us that you don't want to receive the paper.

  • We cannot find the writer for the revision.

We will return you the difference in prices in case we failed to send you the text on time and are sending it to you later.

Within 7 days from the time when the paper was sent to your personal account and from the deadline, you have to approve it or dispute it. If we receive no complaints from you within these 7 days, the paper will be considered approved.

If you are not satisfied with the finished paper, you can order a free revision. You may assign a Dispute status to your paper. For this purpose, send our Customer Support a message stating that you want to put this paper on dispute and give a detailed explanation about what makes you doubt the quality of the text.

What to consider if you want to set your text on dispute:

  • You will have to give strong arguments to support your dispute claim.

  • The revision will take time as the procedure includes communicating with the writer, paper evaluation, and considering additional evidence and materials.

  • If the refunding decision is approved, the percentage of the refunding will be offered according to your particular case.

  • You will have to send to the Dispute Manager all the information needed for the dispute within 14 days. Otherwise, the dispute will be closed and after that no refunding for the paper will be possible.

In case you were given a full refund for the paper, this paper becomes our property together with all the additional materials, which we may have sent to you as a part of this order. In this case, we will have the right to post the material online, and it means that the written text, when checked with any anti-plagiarism software or googled, will link to our site.

After you approve the paper

Don’t press “Approve” if you haven’t read the text completely, or if you doubt the quality of the paper.

If the preview text was sent to you but you cannot see it, contact our Customer Support to get help or ask for another way of sending the preview paper to you.

When you press “Approve,” you state that you are satisfied with the results and wish to download the paper. The access to the printable and editable copy of the paper will be granted to you, but after that, you will not be able to obtain a refund.

After approving the text, you may ask for the revision, but only within 7 days. Contact our Customer Support for this purpose.

Remember that whatever grade your teacher will decide to give you is out of our responsibility and control. We can only provide you with a paper of a high quality, but not with the grades you desire.