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How to Write an Essay on Ethical Issues

An essay on ethical issues has a structure similar to other essay papers. What makes it different is that you have to defend one particular point of view on a chosen ethical topic, providing sufficient argumentation and considering possible objections.

Preparations and research

During your research, you will collect information for the essay. Your preparations will consist of three parts:

  • Determine the question. The question of your essay may be given to you by the teacher, or you may have freedom to choose your own question. If you have such an option, choose an issue that you are familiar with, for which it will be easier for you to determine the supporting points. You will have to prove each of these points with strong argumentation.

  • Establish your points. Make a list of the reasons that can be brought up in support of your statement. Do the research and find citations from reliable sources to prove your points. You have to be careful to use only reliable sources. The sources you use should be written by reputable authors and not be outdated. It is good if the author quotes other reliable works in the text, and writes down his thoughts objectively, using strong reasoning.

  • Go through the objections. Carefully search for the strongest counterarguments. These arguments can oppose your main question or your supportive points. Prepare an explanation as to why you do not agree with all these counterarguments.

Compose your text

In this part of your work, you will have to sort out all the supporting and opposing arguments you established and form the text. You will need to complete the following parts:

  • The introduction. It is the first paragraph of your essay. In this part, you explain your topic and give the reader some background information. Then, you state the point of view which you will be defending and explain the general substance of your argumentation. A good introduction is brief, meaningful and such that captures the reader’s attention.

  • The main body. It will consist of paragraphs, each of which should be dedicated to one thought, either defending your point of view or explaining the weakness of one counterargument. Each paragraph should contain a clear explanation of how it contributes to the main question of the essay.

  • The conclusion. Your conclusion should resemble the introduction, but be more specific because the reader is supposed to be familiar with your essay by now. The conclusion should not contain any new information, except that you may write your advice on further investigation of the topic.

  • List of reference. Remember to cite all your sources according to the required citation style, and complete the reference list at the end of your essay.

Completing the essay on ethical issues, take into consideration that your reasoning should not be built upon your personal religious beliefs, worldview or culture. You should present reliable proof for the point you defend. Showing your emotions and attitude may alienate the reader from you, while your objectiveness will probably gain the reader’s respect.

Edit and proofread

After your text is completed, you will have to check and proofread it. Make sure your introduction and your thesis are in accordance with the main body of your essay, the conclusion resembles the thesis statement, and the sequence of main body paragraphs follow a logical order. Read your work aloud to yourself and edit any fragment that doesn’t sound good. Eliminate all the mistakes and typos. You may want to print the text out to make the proofreading easier. Ask someone else to check your essay as well.

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