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How to Write an Essay About Nursing Profession

Nurses provide assistance to doctors, care for patients, and do plenty of work related to healthcare. There are different nursing professions and they require several months or even years of education depending on specialization and may require an associate or bachelor degree. It’s difficult to overestimate the role of nurses in the society, considering that they provide care, help, and support for healthcare patients.

Preparing to write the essay on nursing

If you are going to become a nurse and are looking for inspiration for writing the essay about nursing profession, think about following ideas:

  • Learn about the field of nursing and different nursing professions. Make sure you know enough about this job and the responsibilities it includes.

  • A nurse is a caring person, who desires to help people and who really can do it in everyday situations, in the patient’s difficult times or in the moments of emergency. Do you admire the role of nurses in the society, their nature that calls them to give support to others? Maybe these characteristics have inspired you to choose a career in healthcare?

  • Do you have relatives or friends who work in the healthcare system? Their experience may have inspired your desire to become a nurse. Think about what situations in their lives had an influence on you, which of their character traits do you admire?

  • Do you have the desire, abilities, and character needed for working as a nurse? Being a health care provider is a hard work, think honestly of your ability to work long shifts. People may be annoying, judgmental, rude, especially when they are sick or in pain. Can you tolerate people’s attitudes, emotions, and reactions? Working as a nurse you may be exposed to the scenes of death, pain, and blood. Will you be able to keep a clear head in these situations and make the right decisions?

  • Think about the stories from your past when you had some practice in the area close to nursing, or helped people personally. Recall how you acted, what emotions it brought up and how it influenced your willingness to become a nurse.

What to include in the essay on nursing

You may have to write an essay about nursing profession as a college admission essay, scholarship essay, or in other similar cases. For every particular essay, you have to determine what your reader will look for while going through your paper and what you would like to communicate to them.

A college application essay must show that you know enough about this college, its curriculum, and rules, and that you are a perfect student for it. On the other hand, a scholarship essay should prove that you are an ideal match for the aims of the organization which provides the award. Regardless of the purpose of the essay, it is better when your paper satisfies these requirements:

  • answers the given questions in order and directly;

  • matches the specific of the school, scholarship or program;

  • contains interesting details that provide information on what kind of person you are, how well you get with others, your motivation, integrity, your plans for the future;

  • has an essay structure that is creative and well-done;

  • it is authentic, gives fresh ideas, composed with a solid vocabulary;

  • avoids generalizations and clichés, pretentious or a tone that is too casual;

  • contains helpful explanations for the shortcomings in the test scores and grades if needed, but never offers excuses;

  • meets all the style and content requirements, and contains no grammar mistakes.

You may also ask for help with writing an essay about nursing profession. We will be glad to offer you works written with professional insight and accuracy that you need. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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