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How to Make Your Essays Better

There are students that enjoy writing essays because it is their chance to shine. The process of writing an essay becomes an interesting intellectual exercise for them. In this exercise, they practice in crafting persuasive arguments on the complex topics within a specific word limit.

They perceive each new essay as an exciting challenge. These students strive to make each new paper a little bit better than the previous one. However, when you write a lot of essays regularly, it is possible that you get stuck on the same level – particularly when the feedback you receive from the teachers is good. So, how do you further upgrade your skills and take your essays to the higher level? On the one hand, you may try an entirely new approach and seek help from the online paper writing service. On the other hand, you can take into consideration some practical recommendations and techniques that will help you achieve impressive results when writing your essays yourself.

Read the Essays Written by Other People

Share your personal experience, and your colleagues will be likely to share theirs with you.

The books that you read help you form your own writing style. It usually happens subconsciously – you just accumulate the effective techniques, vocabulary, and composition of the sentences that appeal to you the most. Reading the essays written by other people will help you develop your own essay-writing style in a similar way. You may read the essays of your colleagues and academics. You should study the essays on diverse topics – do not limit your choice only to the subjects that you study. The essays for different disciplines may vary in style and the types of arguments. Therefore, the more diverse your reading is, the more techniques you will possibly pick up and apply in your future essays.

When you read the essays of other people, you should carefully analyze them: what do you like and dislike about these essays? Do you think they are persuasive enough? Is the argument well-balanced, and are the points properly supported by the evidence? Has the author used any techniques you have not known before?  

Apart from the books and essays of your peers, it is also useful to read newspapers and editorials. You should analyze how the writers’ opinions are supported by the evidence, but also stay critical – try to determine whether there are any logical gaps in their arguments or if they have left things out. Find the writers you like the most and pick up some of their techniques to create a well-balanced text.    

Expand Your Vocabulary

The dictionaries and thesauri are your best friends when you want to improve your essays.

A diverse vocabulary will allow you to express your thoughts as concisely and clearly as possible. A laconic writing style is inherent in all good essays because both the readers and essay-markers don’t like to waste their time trying to comprehend the long, inconsistent points that could have been expressed in a few words.

One way to make sure that you can clearly state your point is using the advanced vocabulary accurately and effectively. Good writers should continually develop their vocabularies and learn new words that will help them convey the point in a most vivid and distinctive manner. Moreover, deploying diverse vocabulary shows intelligence and makes you more persuasive in your points. Here are some recommendations that can help you build your vocabulary:

  • You should read a lot and consult the dictionary for the words you don’t know. It is an extremely effective way to learn new words since it allows you not only to find out the meaning of a new word but also see it in the context.

  • Make your language more versatile by using a thesaurus. This method helps a lot if you tend to use the same words over and over again. You should just look up these words in a thesaurus to find appropriate synonyms. However, beware of simply taking the first word from the list, as the words that appear as synonyms may not be completely interchangeable. You should check a word in the context to decide whether it suits your text. Otherwise, you may sound odd or inappropriate.

  • You should learn prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Although it may sound boring, this method will help you extend your vocabulary by improving your understanding of the origin and composition of words. If you know some commonly used roots that came from Latin and Greek words, you will be able to guess the meaning of new words with the same root. For example, the Latin word “bene,” meaning “good,” is used in the words, such as “benefit,” “benevolent,” “benefactor,” and many others. Prefixes, such as “sub,” and suffixes, such as “-less,” also give a specific shade of meaning when added to the word.  

  • Start your own vocabulary book. It is quite a common practice when you learn a foreign language, and it can also be used for your native tongue. When you write down the words, you are more likely to remember them. Moreover, you can also include examples of the proper context, which will substantially increase your chances of memorizing a new word.

Once you write down a number of new words, you should not just put your notepad aside. But rather try using the words you have learned right away. Set yourself a goal of including a specific number of new words in each of your following essays. It will help you remember the information and consolidate your knowledge a lot better.

When your vocabulary is rich, you are able to increase the precision of your texts, display your overall intelligence, and please your reader. At the same time, you should beware of using long and obscure words just for the sake of it. If you can make your text simple, you should do it. Otherwise, you may sound too pompous or unclear, thus confusing the readers and distracting them from the point you are making. Moreover, you should make sure your text does not sound redundant. You should carefully review each of your sentences and exclude all the words that do not bear any vital meaning or add anything to your point. By making your text as concise and easy to understand as possible, you will persuade your loyal readers and get the high marks.

You may check how professional writers compose their texts by consulting the online paper writing service. This service can provide you with the excellent examples that could be used in your further essays.

Words That Help You Develop an Argument

It should be noted, that varying your language is also an excellent way to create a consistent structure of your essay and build your argument. You should not overuse the words, such as “also.” There are numerous words that may help you link your points and sound intelligent. Such words include “however,” “otherwise,” “moreover,” and others. They not only help develop your argument but also guide your readers through the essay, leading them logically to your conclusion.

Using the Salespeople’s Technique in Your Essay

How much time will it take you to summarize your essay?

All the students probably know that before they start writing an essay, they should develop an essay plan. However, there is another important step that you should take even before writing a plan. You should define the argument you are going to make. Only after that you should create a structure of your essay that organizes the information according to your argument. It is a way to ensure you will reach your destination at the end of your writing process. You should try to formulate the essence of what you are going to write about in a short, articulate summary that will become your basic starting point. This is where you can apply a so-called “Elevator Pitch” method often used by the salespeople.

The Elevator Pitch technique implies stating the strongest arguments for buying a certain product in the shortest possible summary. A person that formulates an argument should imagine himself in an elevator providing the most compelling information to the buyer to promote the product until the elevator reaches the required floor. As a result, a customer should be convinced to buy the product or, at least, he should be eager to know more.

The same way, the Elevator Pitch for your essay will help you sell your idea to a reader. It will explain what you are planning to write about and why the readers should be interested in the information. This exercise is really tough, because it requires being ruthlessly concise and clear, and carefully consider your choice of words. However, it will help you create a proper introduction and reach the maximum clarity in your points.

Tell the Reader about Other People’s Opinions

When you are writing an essay, you should dig deep into the subject and be aware of the foremost writers who have covered your topic. An essay is your chance to show that you have read a lot and that you are really interested in the subject. Therefore, you should feel free to quote other writers’ opinions, as well as the original sources. Even if a specific opinion contradicts your point of view, it can be useful to include it into your essay and explain why you think it is wrong. Contrasting views, represented in your essay, prove that you have looked at the problem from all the possible angles.

It is also useful to start a separate section in your notebook for each of your subjects where you can write down brief information on the remarkable people in that field. Thus, you will have a solid background to refer to when you are required to write an essay and need to consult the respective authors and scholars.

However, your text should not consist only of quotations, but rather mix them with your own comments and opinions. You may either agree or disagree with the author you quote, but make sure you provide enough evidence to substantiate your point of view. It will show that you have thought about the subject and developed a well-grounded opinion of your own, rather than just accepting the opinion of the scholar. Such approach to writing an essay demonstrates your strong critical thinking skills, which are among the hallmarks of successful students.

Grammar, Syntax, Punctuation, and the Tone of Voice

Reread your essay and confess to yourself: is your tone of voice interesting?

When you read an interesting book or an article and try to analyze what makes the texts so appealing and intelligent, you may find out that it is a sophisticated sentence structure. The structure of your sentences can make a big difference. As you may remember from the previous sections, one of the most important things in writing an essay is making it easy to understand, but you can still achieve this while using interesting syntax. You can vary the sentence structures, mix long and short sentences, but you should not make your sentences too long and rambling since they will become hard to read.

You should use effective punctuation as the means of conveying your arguments more persuasively. At the same time, remember that a comma in a wrong place can drastically change the meaning of your sentence.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the overall grammar and proofread your essay when it is finished. Poor grammar is the last thing your marker wants to see in your essay. So, if you want higher marks, do not spare time on checking and double-checking your text. Eventually, your grammar, syntax, and punctuation should work together to make all your ideas easy to grasp.  

However, writing a brilliant essay takes much more than just making it easy to read and understand. What makes it really interesting and engaging is a tone of voice. You may reread some of your old papers and assess whether they are really absorbing. If they are not, a wrong tone of voice could be the reason. Although academic essays require a formal context, it does not mean they should be boring. You may be confident, persuasive, and personal to a certain extent, showing that you know what you are talking about and that the reader can trust your points and conclusions.  

Another well-known tip is using the active rather than passive voice. This trick is also widely used in trade and allows you to make a text more compelling. If you apply this approach in your essays, it can make a significant difference, and your entire essay will have a greater impact on the audience.  

Try deploying these recommendations and techniques in your essays, and you will certainly take your essay-writing skills to a higher level! You may also consider getting help on your way, including the online paper writing service since it will give you an opportunity to see how other writers interpret your topic.

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