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Handling Written Assignments: Make Your Academic Life Easier!

Throughout your academic career, you will have to deal with various kinds of written assignments. Every time you are given such an assignment, you will have a choice between searching for the “best sites to pay someone to do my assignment” and doing the task yourself. We can help you on both counts. If you choose the first approach, your assignment can be completed without any additional effort on your side, since you would have already landed on the right spot. If you would prefer the second option, we will offer you certain recommendations on how to develop your writing skills.

Think about your reader

Whichever kind of paper you are writing, be sure to make your text clear. Present your point of view clearly and concisely, and avoid ambiguity.

There are some basic rules you should try to adopt:

  • Do not make your sentences excessively long

  • Avoid using complicated words where simple ones will do

  • Make sure you are using correct punctuation to emphasize the sense of your text

  • Use paragraphs to make your text better-structured and easier to read

Include special indicators into your text to tell the reader what he should expect. These indicators may include:

  • A table of contents

  • An abstract

  • An introductory section for the whole paper

  • A small introduction for each of the following sections

  • Logically formulated headings and sub-headings

Use a good written English

Make sure your spelling is accurate and you are using grammar and punctuation correctly. Careful proofreading is a necessary part of the writing process that should never be neglected. An automatic spellchecker is not a reliable option.  

Practice extensively

The more you write, the more your writing technique develops. Thus, if you make a routine out of writing, you will eventually find that it becomes much easier to concentrate on your work and you will feel more comfortable putting your thoughts into words.

Critical writing

The ability to write critically is one of the most important writing skills. Critical writing is characterized by:

  • A refusal to agree with the conclusions of other authors without assessing their arguments and evidence

  • A balanced rationale on why the conclusions of the other authors may be accepted or should be treated with caution

  • A distinctive formulation of your own arguments and evidence that lead to your conclusion

  • An understanding of the limitations in your own argument, evidence, and conclusion

Be ready to draft and re-draft your text

Writing is a process of continuous drafting and re-drafting. With every next draft, you will have an opportunity to improve your text and make the changes you consider necessary.

To make the drafting process more effective you may consider the following formal stages:

  • 1st re-draft: checking for academic rigor

  • 2nd re-draft: eliminating irrelevant information

  • 3rd re-draft: checking consistency

  • 4th re-draft: ensuring the logical flow and proper signposting of your text

  • 5th re-draft: proofreading 

Get feedback and use it properly

Getting feedback from your tutors or supervisors is an important part of your writing process.

They will most likely identify the strengths and weaknesses of your work. You should be ready to carefully examine all the weaknesses and address every comment you receive.

You can also ask your supervisors to comment on your writing style and tell you if there is anything you can do to improve your writing.  

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