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Service availability

We make sure that our writing services are constantly available. Providing access to our site involves numerous Internet resources that are out of our control. It will not be our responsibility should our site become inaccessible.

Our site may be not available due to technical issues at any time, and we may not give prior notification about it.

Any damage caused by the inability to use this site is not in our responsibility, and neither are we liable for the consequences of using this site and any materials from this site. We are not responsible for any actions or decisions made by using this site or its materials.

Any information presented on this website includes only our views. No legal or professional advice can be derived from the information on our site. Consult a professional to get a legal advice.

Links disclaimer

Our site contains links to other sites. You may use them, but notice that we are not responsible for any content and links available on the linked sites, and for the information on any of the linked resources. We include links so that more people can find us, we don't endorse linked resources nor approve them.

Use of the received pieces of writing

You are not allowed to use the text received from this site as your original work and sign your name on it. This site provides the materials only to be used as examples, references, and research. We do not participate in fraud, plagiarism or dishonesty of any kind. We strictly obey copyright laws and encourage our clients to obey these rules. You agree that any materials sent to you will be used only as the example and reference for your further research. Any part of the text or ideas that you borrow from our materials should be cited with the link to the source or the name of our website.

Our company is not responsible for any wrongful, inappropriate, unethical, or illegal use of any texts or materials received from us. We are not liable for any issues including lawsuits, expulsion, plagiarism, poor grading, academic probation, loss of grants, positions, prizes, awards, titles, scholarships, or any other legal or disciplinary actions. Our clients alone are responsible for any issues arising from using our materials improperly, unethically, or illegally.

Our company is not liable if any malfunctions occur on the Internet services that our clients use. Any delivery delay that happens because of the malfunctions is not our responsibility.

We cannot guarantee any level of grades for the students that use our services.


We produce texts with plagiarism level below 10%. If the plagiarism level in the text you ordered from us is higher than 10%, you can apply for a refund. Bibliographical references in the text and in the bibliography page, idioms, connectors, and frequently used phrases are not to be included in the process of calculation of the plagiarism level. See our refund policy page for the additional information on the possible refunding.


You can find the description of our pricing in the corresponding section of the website. If you order our services from the EU, VAT will be added to the price you pay during the payment transaction. Our refunding policy does not include VAT.

Requests for the refund and revision

We allow our clients to order three free revisions. After you have used your free revisions you can order proofreading and editing.

Your refund request has to be accepted by our Quality Assurance Department. If this department concludes that the product meets your initial requirements, your request will not be accepted. Requirements of the Revision Policy should be satisfied in order for the text to be considered for refunding.

After pressing “Approve,” you will not be eligible for a refund. Within seven days after you press “Approve,” you can ask only for a free revision. Be sure to check the preview of the text before you approve it. In case you cannot view the preview version that was sent to you, contact our Customer Support and they will send you the preview version in a different format.

If you are applying for a full refund, you may not use the main text or any of the materials that we sent to you as a part of this order. The entire set of materials becomes our property and we receive the right to publish it online. We may use it commercially or publish it as a sample product or as a content of the site. It means that any part of it if checked for plagiarism or googled, will point to our website.

When the preview of the product is uploaded to your personal page, you have to check it within seven days and either approve or dispute it. If you don't send any feedback within seven days, the paper will be automatically approved.

The refund you may receive can be the full price of your order or its percent, but regardless of the refund you may receive, it will not include VAT. If you have paid VAT during money transaction, remember that it is not refundable.


On this site, you can order proofreading of your document. When placing such an order, you have to understand that the proofreader will correct your text eliminating errors and lowering the level of plagiarism if needed. Proofreading will change no more than 30% of your text.

Proofreading is different from rewriting. If you wish us to rewrite the text you uploaded, its parts, or any online article, you cannot refer to the procedure as proofreading. The work, the orders, and the prices, will be different in this case.

Multiple choice and problem-solving

You can send us various problems and multiple choice questions tests, and we will solve them for you. You will have to fill the corresponding order forms and special pricing will be calculated.

If you order a solution to a problem or a test, you will have to upload the full text of the task that is to be solved. With our solution, we do not state that you will get any particular grade.