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Dealing With the Written Assignments

One of the most common forms of the academic written assignments is an essay. It is used in many academic disciplines in both coursework and exams. There are numerous guidelines that can teach you how to develop effective writing skills. At the same time, there are numerous services that can offer you online homework help, whether it is an essay or any other form of the written assignment. You may try both ways and then decide how you prefer your work to be done in each specific case.

Why the Essays Are So Widely Used?

Creating a high-quality essay involves a wide range of academic skills. It is probably the basic reason this format of the written assignment is so popular with tutors.

To write a winning essay, a student needs to demonstrate the following abilities:

  • to understand the precise task set by the title

  • to find appropriate material to read

  • to understand, evaluate, and interpret that material

  • to select the material that is most relevant to the topic

  • to work out an effective argument

  • to finish with a well-supported conclusion

A specific word limit is also often set by the task. The word limit is challenging since it requires a student to demonstrate all the mentioned skills using a small number of words. However, it is an important skill in itself since the ability to formulate your thoughts clearly within a word limit is useful in many situations beyond your educational institution.

A Proper Feedback is Important

Constructively critical feedback on your work is very useful in your learning process. It can give you perfect guidance on how to improve your writing skills. You should carefully consider all the comments and suggestions and try to implement them in your further essays.

The essays are most frequently criticized for:

  • A poor structure

  • Failure to stick to the topic

  • Being overly descriptive

  • Lacking critical writing

These common critical remarks reveal the following elements of a good essay:

  • Keeping closely to the title

  • Forming a relevant structure that will support the development of your argument

  • Using mostly critical writing, with the minimum use of a descriptive writing

These elements will be explained in the next parts of this article.

Keep Closely to the Title

First and foremost, you should attentively read the essay title, think it over, and figure out what you’re asked to do. You should carefully read every single word and squeeze out as much information as possible. If studied properly, the title can give you an excellent guidance and the best clues to what is required for your essay.

The tutors often say that the most important advice that helps create a good essay is to answer the question. However simple it may seem, students often get carried away with their thoughts and use a lot of unnecessary words, thus wasting their word limit.

There are different methods that can help you stick to your topic from the very beginning. Here are the basic ones.

Conduct a Brainstorming Session

After you have studied the title, you may try a useful exercise that involves brainstorming all your ideas related to the title. It is a good technique that gives you an effective start and helps you avoid the writer’s block. It can also be a good way to make great progress very quickly.

Moreover, it the process can become less stressful if you start your work by asking such questions: What structure should I make? What are my thesis and my main points? What research do I need to conduct? Is my evidence supportive enough? To minimize your stress, you should start by writing down all your thoughts. Only after you do that, you may try to answer these questions.   

In the beginning, you may not focus on any specific idea. Just note them all on a single sheet of paper, then analyze them critically, and you will see where the focus should be made.

Break it down, and then build it up

It is basically what you have to do when writing your essay: you should break down the ideas, and then build them up again. During this process, you have to:

  • Break down the title of your essay into separate components and try to address each of them.

  • Select the reading material for each of the components and make relevant notes.

  • Build up your essay with the help of the material you have collected.

  • Present and discuss it.

  • Form it into a coherent argument.

Make sure to stick to your title throughout the entire process.

Read Effectively

Over the previous stages, you have identified what you need to read for your essay. Your reading has to be planned because otherwise it will be extremely time-consuming. You can develop your reading efficiency in the following ways:

  • Choose which sources you should target, and exclude the irrelevant ones.

  • Look out for the particularly relevant material when you are reading.

  • Note down all the reference details of the materials that you use.

Write as You Think

Writing down all your ideas on how you are going to address the essay title helps you clarify and develop these ideas at the early stages. Sometimes, your thoughts acquire their distinctive form only when you have them written down. Moreover, when you express your argument and its evidence in the written form, you may notice logical gaps that need to be filled.

You should not be afraid that your first thoughts will be irrelevant. The writing process should include regular revisions. You will have the opportunity to edit and re-edit your essay to achieve excellence at the end.

Create a Relevant Structure to Support Your Argument

Before you start writing your essay, you should create its structure. The structure is defined by the argument you are making. The effective structure is one of the means to present a quality argument.

There are several basic structures that can help you at the beginning:

  • Chronological

  • Thematic

  • By context

  • Comparative

However, these structures are usually somewhat more complicated. You can break them down by sub-themes, context, and comparisons. Furthermore, you will need to develop a microstructure based on the specific elements you need to focus on: the evidence, theory, practice, examples, or case studies.

If all these kinds of structures seem too rigid for your essay, you may need to use a so-called “fluid structure.” It is more likely to be described with the words “pattern,” or “atmosphere,” and such structure relates more to creative writing than essay writing. However, depending on your task, this structure may also be appropriate. Ask for the online homework help if you need excellent examples of the different structures.

How a Good Essay Structure Can Help Your Readers

You should remember that your tutor has to read a great number of essays. Therefore, if your argument is hard to follow, a tutor will have to reread it, thus spending a lot more time and getting irritated. Eventually, it can result in the tutor’s total failure to get your point. No need to explain that it will drastically decrease your overall mark. That is why you have to make sure that your argument, your main points, and the supporting evidence are easy to follow, and that your audience can easily come to the same conclusions.

Most of the essays should contain three basic parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction is the part where you can engage the readers, demonstrate your deep understanding of the topic, and familiarize them with the ways you are going to address your main question. You should start with the general point concerning the central issue, and finish with the link to the body of your essay.

  • The body is the heart of your essay. It has to present the main points that support your argument and the evidence that proves your points. In the other words, the body has to fulfill the promises you have made in your introduction. It is the part that especially depends on the structure you have chosen for your essay, as it helps you to address the essay title properly. The most common elements of the essay body include your main points and ideas, explanations, relevant evidence, references, and examples. Make sure you are using appropriate academic style, your writing is interesting and engaging, your points are clear, and the development of your ideas is easy to follow.

  • The conclusion is a valuable tool to make the end of your essay powerful. A good conclusion should leave the reader with a sense of confidence that you have done a great job. Usually, the conclusion consists of the following parts:

    • A brief overview of what you have covered according to the topic of your essay

    • Summary of the main arguments

    • Review of the most important aspects.

What Does it Mean to Be a Critical Writer?

The skill of critical writing is a third most important element in effective essay writing after keeping closely to the title and creating a relevant structure.

The features that essentially characterize the critical writing are, as follows:

  • Accepting the conclusions of other writers only after evaluating the arguments and evidence they provide.

  • A clear rationale why the conclusions of other authors can be accepted or should be treated with caution.

  • A logical presentation of your own argument and evidence that lead to your conclusion

  • Recognition that your evidence, argument, and conclusion may be limited.

When you practice critical writing, you should examine, interpret, and evaluate all the evidence you are working with. You should work on the material you have found to transform it into a convincing argument. You should leave no point, evidence, or quotation to speak for itself. It is always worth explaining why you have included this material in your essay and how it supports your argument.

Another great technique to support the critical writing skills is presenting one idea per paragraph. Using this technique, you should make sure that each paragraph contains the introduction and description of the idea, and also your interpretation, evaluation, and comments on it. The ability to explain why you have chosen a certain idea will best represent your critical thinking and writing.

Edit Your Essay

Once you have finished your essay, you should put it aside for a day or two. It will allow you to come back with fresh eyes and edit it properly. Editing is a crucial part of your writing process, and it includes correcting the mistakes, as well as evaluating how the whole essay holds together.

You should never neglect this part nor be afraid of it. Editing is not hard since most of the hard work is already done. You should carefully finalize your paper so that it can bring you the highest marks!

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure your essay looks great on a page: your sentences and your paragraphs should not substantially vary in length; the reference list should be organized correctly, and the structure of your essay is easy to follow.

  • Using short and simple words is always preferable. Unless you need to use some specific vocabulary, try to be straight to the point and clear. If you manage to present your idea properly within a short paragraph, in most cases it will add to the overall impression made by your essay.

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are very important. Numerous mistakes distract the reader from your point and demonstrate the lack of care on your part. Moreover, the inaccurate use of commas may change the meaning of a whole sentence.  

Consider Getting Help from All Available Sources

Whatever written assignment you might have, there are different ways to get your homework done. You can learn numerous recommendations and techniques, practice these skills yourself, or ask for the online homework help. Sometimes, the students combine all these ways to plan their time effectively. Even if you have your homework done for you by another person, it does not necessarily mean you will get no experience. You may use the received paper as an example of the effective writing that will be helpful in completing your further assignments. Other benefits of getting the online homework help are the total anonymity, reasonable prices, professional writers, and the time that you can save with their help.

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